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Light sources

50 Years of laser firsts

Spectra-Physics® is an industry-leading supplier of advanced laser solutions to the microelectronics, solar, semiconductor, industrial manufacturing, scientific research, and life and health sciences markets for 50 years. Our portfolio of high performance, high reliability products includes a wide range of ultrafast, Q-switched DPSS, CW and quasi-CW, high-energy pulsed, tunable, gas, diode and fiber-based lasers. With the acquisition of New Focus™, Newport now offers a complete line of mode-hop free guaranteed, diode based, tunable lasers with best in class performance. Newport also offers a complete line of low cost diode lasers, as well as laser and laser safety accessories for your convenience. Browse Spectra-Physics Brand Laser Solutions


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Solar Simulators

Light Sources

PV Systems

The light source that you need

Newport's Oriel® Instruments light source offering is varied and significant. If you need to simulate the sun by matching the solar spectra, or need the specific spectra provided by Arc Lamps, Deuterium Lamps or Incandescent Sources, Oriel has the light source that you need.

View choosing a light source for an overview of our light sources and technical information, or use a category below for product information.





Opto mechanics

Manual positioners

Motion control

Vibration control

Laser measurement & control

Fiber Optics

Spectroscopy Instruments

Optical filters

Applications solutions

Newport Optics for a wide variety of Applications

Newport’s optics offering includes a wide variety of optical components for UV, visible, NIR and IR wavelengths. We offer low GVD optics and high damage threshold optics for ultrafast applications, and optics for high energy solid state laser pulse routing applications. Whether you are setting up a laser experiment or integrating a commercial photonics product, we have competitively priced, high performance optics to suit your needs.





Flouroscence spectroscopy

Raman Spectrometers

High performance, High reliability

HORIBA Scientific manufactures high-quality spectroscopic instrumentation. From the optical specialists who grind, polish, and coat our mirrors and fabricate our holographic gratings, to the machinists who manufacture our precision scanning drives, the electronic engineers who design the circuits for our CCD detectors, and the computer specialists who write the software, HORIBA Scientific is committed to provide the highest quality and most precise spectroscopic instrumentation on the market.


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